About Us

Like artisan framemakers, Typecast’s mission is producing works of literature with purpose and care, with an eye for bringing the book forward to as wide an audience as possible. We like to think Typecast is the best of publishing’s past and future combined. Located on a small farm in the hills and hollers of Asheville, NC, we strive to work with the land in order to make truly independent, sustainable books that inspire us. The authors you see on this website are some of the most exciting and lively writers working today, and we hope you enjoy your time among the pages of their books.

1926171_10152233247855928_1243517803_oIf you would like to know more about what kinds of books we publish and /or life on our farm, we highly recommend you like us on facebook or twitter, where we regularly post calls for submission, discuss books we like, and sneak peek current projects.

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“The acumen of Typecast is the root of the uncovering and further enveloping and discovering of great American poetry.”
––Coldfront Magazine, March 2012

“[The Lumberyard] magazine’s combined editorial stance, design aesthetic, and letterpress sensibility make the thing so damned visceral and present that I am compelled to lock myself in a closet with a flashlight, cradle the thing in my arms, smell it, and lick its pages as much as I am compelled to read it, let alone write about reading it.”
––[PANK] magazine, Feb 2010

“[T]he most physically beautiful new journal I’ve seen this year. This magazine’s raw, jumpy, cerebral design makes it leap off the newsstand and into your arms. The Lumberyard looks like a magazine to watch.”
––Dwight Garner, NY Times, Sept 2009