Sermons and Lectures Both Blank and Relentless
by Matt Hart

Available in paperback and a limited-edition letterpress box set.

BOXED SET (pictured above)
Contains the entire collection of Sermons and Lectures Both Blank and Relentless in three, letterpress booklets, as well as a CD of the full-length album Blank Sermons…Relentless Lectures by TRAVEL (listen here).
JUST RE-RELEASED! Limited qty available.


ISBN 978-0-9844961
102 pages
$16.95 only $15.00 when you buy direct from Typecast

Buy the paperback and receive a download of the album Blank Sermons…Relentless Lectures by Hart’s band, TRAVEL.
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“Matt Hart’s poetry is both inspiring and insightful, meditations on life pulsing with the heart of the punk rock it so often references. Sermons and Lectures is an absolute joy.”  –Jordan Dreyer, La Dispute
“You already know Matt Hart can make you move, that his poems are a potent combination of velocity, tenacity and human love. But nothing can prepare you for this. With Sermons and Lectures Both Blank and Relentless, the amplifier connects directly to the source of it all in poems so agile, so intimate, so dedicated to searching & declaring & exploding, that they completely redefine how we feel on the page and what we know in our hearts.”  –Nate Pritts
“Do poems have insoles?  With which to absorb their own shock?  I don’t know, but reading Matt Hart’s new book led me to consider the ways in which our ideas of genre have been broken and fantastically reformed.  These poems (sermons? lectures? a rock concert?) will leave the reader crash-landed and dazed, but muttering tiny sweet things under his breath: ‘how nice it is to be entangled in all the ways we are.’”  –Mary Ruefle