Artist Feature: KEN HENSON

Sawmill Comics Editor Jake Snider asked each of our three comics artists five questions about their work. Read the inaugural issue of Sawmill Comics Vol. 1 here, and then learn more about the masterminds behind the comics. First up, Cincinnati artist Ken Henson, creator of 2 Dream,  gives us his thoughts.

1.     What can you share about the inspiration behind the work you’ve submitted to Sawmill?

2 DREAM is inspired by 1) a fever-induced nightmare I had when I was about six or seven years old.  When I awoke from the dream, I was stripped and placed under a ice-cold shower in a motel bathroom.  The dream has become something of a recurring dream.  2) The story also incorporates pieces of a schizophrenic, self-proclaimed scientist’s laboratory journal, which I have in my possession. 3) The girl telling the story is my daughter, which informs the voice of the narrator.

2.     Can you discuss your artistic process or approach to comics?

Rather than working from a script, I tend to make my comics by drawing and writing simultaneously.  My process to making comics is organic, autobiographical, and often incorporates my dreams, and automatic writing and drawing processes.

3.     What would you like to see more often in comics?

It’s an exciting time for comics, and there’s a lot of great work out there.  I’d like to see more expressionist, surrealist, and romantic impulses in comics, and more comics that move away from conventional comic genres in general.  I think there’s room for everything.

4.     Are there any artists of any genre that have influenced your work?

Absolutely!  My artistic influences are various and far flung. I love the art of the Symbolist and Decadent movements, the Romantic poets, the Surrealists, etc. My most direct influences include David Mack, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Barron Storey, who make wonderful mixed-media comics, and Austin Osman Spare and Leonora Carrington, two Surrealists who inform a lot of my automatic drawing/writing processes.

5.     Do you have any current projects we can look forward to?

Currently, I’m tidying up an illustrated novella, titled HIGH GRAVITY, which I haven’t placed yet.  Do tap my shoulder if you’re an editor.  😉

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